dimanche 4 septembre 2011

This new blog offers papers issued by the Republican movement from 1970 till today : An Phoblacht ;
Republican News ; An Phoblacht  / Republican News ; and other papers published by Sinn Fein.
Links to my other blogs (Prisoner's crafts, Nationalist papers, etc.) are on the right.
I'm not selling any of them. I'm still looking for new items. There will be many more pictures in the coming weeks. All those items are originals items and from my personnal collection.

Copyright Information The photographs in this blog are the copyright (c) of the photographer (Gilles Le B.). A copy of the pictures may be downloaded for private study or personal use. Anyone requiring photographs for commercial use, or use at a web site, should contact me for further information. The original artwork, in for example, posters, badges and postcards, is copyright of the original artist or designer.

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  1. Hello, I'd like to view some of your papers at a higher resolution for research for my dissertation. my e-mail is eodrisco@alumni.nd.edu .